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"I'm happy to recommend IT Strategic. The guys are always friendly and professional, providing excellent service remotely, and in person when we need it. When a hardware failure crashed our whole IT system, IT Strategic's quick response got us back up and running fast, saving the business from ongoing disruption"

Jeremy Darlington, Allstate Security

"IT Strategic are brilliant to work with. They take the time to listen and really understand our sector and how being a nonprofit impacts on our specific IT needs. In addition to that, the team is great at explaining complex technical info in a way that non-techie people can understand, which makes my job a lot easier!"

Louise Arkles, Philanthropy Australia

"We've worked with IT Strategic for more than five years. The flexibility and convenience of having a support contract for general network and ICT services and paying-as-we-go for other projects really suits us. The help desk team is always attentive to our needs. When required, they work outside business hours to resolve a particular issue so that our ICT systems and staff can continue working."

Rosemary Sexton, Women’s Health Victoria Inc


Environment Victoria ICT Matters




Why use itstrategic?

We’re specialists in the technology needs of businesses around Australia, offering a comprehensive IT support service.

Using our services, you pay only for the support you need.

From servers and desktop computers, to network and internet connectivity, we can provide advice on IT systems that will best fit your business.

We’ve been serving businesses since 2008.

We’re located in Johnston Street, Fitzroy. By concentrating on Melbourne, Hobart and the eastern seaboard, we ensure that you get a fast and responsive service.

You can use our services when and as you need them – whether it’s over-the-phone, through a remote service, or on-site.

All IT support issues are tracked using a request system until resolved to your satisfaction.

Our IT support clients include businesses of any size across Australia, including government and not-for-profit organisations.

Call us now on 03 9340 9002 to discuss your needs. New customers can request one free hour of on-site IT support or consultation.

How much do your IT services cost?

We deliver ad hoc, on demand technical services and support. We offer discounted rates around our pre-paid and fixed monthly cost support options. Please discuss these options with us to reduce your IT spend.

Remote and over the phone support is charged in 15 minute intervals, with a minimum 15 minute charge.

On-site support is charged hourly, with a minimum one-hour charge per visit.

We provide a variety of flexible arrangements. Speak to us about one that might suit you by calling 03 9340 9002. New customers can request one free hour of on-site IT support or consultation.

What’s your IT expertise?

Our expertise covers everything Australian businesses need, from software and hardware support and purchasing, to networking, internet and email services.

From IT and network systems to business software anti-virus solutions, we can advise your business on the best solutions for its IT needs.

We support Microsoft Windows based infrastructures as well as Linux and Mac platforms.

What locations do you service?

We provide IT support and services across Melbourne, Hobart and the eastern seaboard.

We also provide third-party out-sourcing to organisations looking to provide dedicated support of their products or services in Melbourne or Victoria.

What hardware and software do you sell or support?

We specialise in the technologies used by Australian businesses and our consultants have a wide experience of popular software and hardware systems.

From servers, laptops and desktop systems, to software and anti-virus solutions, we support all major platforms and applications.

Through our network of distributors, we can provide a range of brand name and generic systems – equipment from servers, desktops, firewalls, cabinets, monitors, modems, switches, wireless routers, printers, scanners and uninterruptable power supplies.

To find out whether we support a particular technology, contact us on 03 9340 9002.

What technologies do you recommend?

We recommend the technologies that will best suit your operations – the best technologies for the job at hand.

Our IT consultants and technicians have a wide experience of business software and hardware systems, from computer and networking infrastructures to business software and applications.

We can assess your current IT set up to ensure that your business is getting the most from its IT systems.

We often recommend open-source software to keep costs low, however we also provide and support Microsoft based platforms.

How do I request support?

To request support, Contact Us

All IT support issues are tracked using a request system until resolved to your satisfaction.

How does remote support work?

You request support, by Contact Us. We get you to connect your windows computer to our remote support service via the link on the homepage. Then we remotely check your computer, aiming to solve your issue quickly, without going onsite.

What is your response time?

Fast. If an issue is adversely affecting your business, we make it a priority to fix it quickly.

When you make a support request, we generally arrange for a same-day visit.

For over-the-phone and remote support, we can generally get started right away.

Wondering what to do if your computer is frozen or not responding?

More often than not, a lot of computer related issues like this can be solved by a simple restart. Hold down the power button for about 15 seconds (or until it powers down) and then switch it back on.

Similarly if you are having issues with your internet at home or your wireless dropping out, try switching off the power to your modem/router and wait 15 seconds and then switch it back on.

If you’re still having issues you’re welcome to give us a ring on 03 9340 9002.

Need more information? Feel free to Contact Us.

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